Monday, March 22, 2010


This is a Beast/Golem creature that i started sketching for one of my classes.
Then i was kind of bored, so i painted him... :)


  1. Hello Daryl,
    I am your Grandmother Joyce Gleason's cousin. She sent me your blog to check out and I have to say I am very impressed! You show great promise and I feel your talent is well on its way to blossoming into a great career. I am not sure what career path you are interested in but I but feel you will have no problem getting where you want to go. I love the humor in some of your caricatures and love the detail of you drawings. Keep up the hard work! I will drop in from time to time to see what you are up to so keep blogging.
    I just started blogging a few weeks back and have my own site too
    I am off to photograph the fest of fools event in Ann Arbor in a bit.
    The puppets I will be photographing will be on my site this week check them out.
    I mean this in only the best way-Not the creepy way.
    I will be watching you!
    You are going places. Good luck